Creating employable Algorand Global Developers.

Upskilling and Creating employable Algorand developers with live projects they have worked on from our network and providing them opportunities with global digital companies.

Perfeth Academy programs are very concise, sharply designed for the new-age professionals with ample case-studies and live projects. I attended their "Blockchain Basics bootcamp" in 2021 and was able to create an Ethereum dapp and a detailed technical whitepaper for a use-case for one of my clients.

Himani Khanna

Sr. IT professional with 13+ yrs of experience.

Academy Advantage

Our community experts in blockchain have created technology courses in various fields. There is a live industry project with every course.

Instructor led-training

Live Classes by our blockchain experts on a video platform along with doubt sessions and career-mentorship.

Video Courses & case studies

Pre-recorded video content along with case studies for you to learn anytime, anywhere along with ample resources.

Live Projects for Industry

You work on a live-project in one of the real use-case by our clients, or a project chartered by Perfeth community.

Join our Spring Semester of 2022!

We had a pretty good start in 2021 with the launch of our Flutter Bootcamp with selective students. Now we are coming up with our Spring Semester for courses in NodeJS in backend and Algorand in Blockchain. Please note that we select students based on merit-bases only and charge nothing for the training programs

Learn Algorand

The most sustainable and green blockchain with a carbon-negative network, Algorand has rapidly grown to become the favorite stack fo rblockchain developers. Watch this space to learn more about the Algorand Course details.


The Opportunities

Enrolling with Perfeth Academy gives you a leading edge in your skill development in technology. 

Also , we dont charge any fees from our students as our goal is to help the professionals upgrade their tech-skills and execute live projects with our ecosystem. 

Live Industry Projects

Job Opportunities

Zero Fees for the courses

Community Connect

Our Live Projects !

Ranging from a simple web or mobile app to a full-fledged platform development, our live projects provide more than basic implementation of the tech-skills you have picked up from our courses. 

Creating a blockchain-based voting system.

The purpose of this project is to provide a use-case demo for Governments to implement an impartial, attack-proof voting system with a publicly verifiable ledger. The user element of the system is creation of a mobile app.

Using Mongoose for a schema of tweets and CRUD

The NodeJS project where the student demonstrates using a Mongoose scheme and establish a database connection with twitter to create a list of tweets. Also in the end , adding the CRUD functionality to the web-app (Create, Read, Update and Delete)

Multi-platform flutter app for an attendance system

The project is to create a multi-platform (Android and iOS) app for an attendance system based on punch-in and punch-out. The backend needs to be in Dart language and the stack for frontend to be flutter. The student will be provided opportunity to use their custom design on figma for this project. 


Perfeth Academy provides courses in engineering topics such as blockchain, no-coding, design, web/mobile app development etc. to make the next generation ready for the Industry 4.0

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